Dear Friends and Colleagues,    

          Welcome to the third issue of JMS, 2022. We appreciate the support of our readers from all around the world. We hope you enjoy this issue’s featured content: 

          In SOMI’s News section of JMS we welcome a new member of SOMI’s family Richard Abisia, LMT, CMMP who successfully graduated from our Medical Massage Certification Program just in 6 months.

         There are two articles, Check your Clinical Reasoning #7 and #8. The goal of these articles is to help therapists correctly evaluate clinical cases.

          In the Personal Opinion section of JMS, we published Part II of an opinion piece by our Sports Massage expert, therapist, and educator Oleg Bouimer, LMT, CMMP. In his article, Using Chi For Sports Massage, Oleg discusses how to mobilize our inner energy–or Chi–to efficiently work with clients and to continue to be productive for years to come. 

          In the Science of Medical Massage section, we continue to highlight Periosteal Massage through Part III: Formation of Periosteal Dysfunction, by Dr. Ross Turchaninov, which discusses the formation of periosteal reflex zones.  

          In our Case of the Month section, SOMI’s former student Richard Abisia, LMT, CMMP from Phoenix, AZ shares his clinical case, Medical Massage vs Mixed Somatic Syndromes. This article is an excellent example of clinical thinking and the clinical application of the Medical Massage Concept.  

Dr. Ross Turchaninov, Editor in Chief

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