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          Welcome to JMS Issue #2 of 2023. We appreciate the support of our readers from all around the world. Here is the content of the current issue.

          In SOMI’s News section, we inform our readers about SOMI’s new educational project YouTube Channel: Dr. Ross: Medical Massage. You will find fascinating videos, clinical cases, and interesting discussions.

          Our Person of the Month is Tammy Roecker, LMT, CMBE from Phoenix AZ. Tammy is an exceptional therapist who recently opened the Arizona School of Medical Massage and Wellness to provide quality education based on scientific and clinical data – no personal opinions and unfounded claims. Tammy’s school became the first massage therapy school in the U.S. which was approved and endorsed by the State Medical Board! We think that readers will enjoy her dedication to the profession.

          In the Personal Opinion section, we have published an article titled Physician Connection, by SOMI’s former student Curt Lezanic, from San Antonio, TX. After graduating from SOMI’s Medical Massage Certification program, Curt opened a medical massage clinic working ONLY on patients referred to Curt by family doctors, orthopedists, neurologists, urologists and even ophthalmologists. In the article, Curt shares his experience working with the local medical community and building a successful medical massage practice.

          In the Science of Medical Massage section, we have published the fifth and last part of the article Periostal Massage: Clinical Application, by Dr. Ross Turchaninov. In the article, the author presents a treatment protocol and scientific data supporting the clinical application of Periostal Massage.

          In Case of the Month section, SOMI’s current student Cheri Conklen, LMT from Phoenix, AZ contributed a very interesting clinical case, Three Medical Massage Sessions vs. a Complex Combination of Somatic Dysfunctions. The article is an excellent example of clinical thinking and thoughtful application of medical massage.



Dr. Ross Turchaninov, Editor in Chief 

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