SOMI proudly announces that three Massage Therapists graduated from our Medical Massage Certification Program and are now ready to help patients in complex clinical cases of somatic abnormalities. Here are SOMI’s newest graduates:


Christina Loya, BSN, RN, LMT, NCBTMB, CMMP


          Cristina is a very dedicated health practitioner. Since she is a RN, it was easier for her to absorb and successfully implement the theoretical and clinical data we share with therapists. She finished SOMI’s program in 8 months, exhibiting a deep understanding of the Medical Massage concepts and clinical science behind somatic rehabilitation. Therapists like Cristina are successfully building bridges between medical and massage therapy communities for the sake of patients.


Hong ( Rose) Nguyen, BA, LMT, CMMP, NMT, ACP

          Hong successfully practices Medical Massage in Los Angeles, helping patients in the local Vietnamese community. While Hong was taking SOMI classes, it was evident that she was facing very complex clinical cases daily. Many of her patients are older individuals who still have language barriers or unfortunately have skeptical views of traditional medicine. That is why they are coming to Hong’s clinic looking for help with their advanced pathological conditions. We are happy that SOMI provided Hong with efficient training and helpful answers to the clinical situations that she faces.


Veronica Selby, LMT, CNMT, CMMP

          Veronica is a force of nature. She dived into Medical Massage training, practiced at full speed, and has now opened her own Medical Massage practice in Mesa, Arizona with her wife Heather, who is also a current SOMI student.

           SOMI helped Veronica work part-time in a very busy Medical Massage clinic run by another of SOMI’s former students. As a result, she gravitated from practicing preventive massage therapy in Heads and Stones Spa to an independently operated Medical Massage clinic. It has made a great difference for Veronica since building her own Medical Massage practice is equivalent to building efficient clinical expertise.


          Good Luck to the new SOMI’s graduates and all our former students who are helping patients in complex clinical cases! 

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