Dear friends and colleagues,

Welcome to the Issue #4 of 2012. During the last several months our audience has greatly expanded! We welcome new readers who would like to explore the scientific basis of massage therapy.

Our Person of the Month is Dr. P. Novakovic, MD who is a very successful family physician in Chandler and Phoenix, Arizona. He shares with our readers his experiences and opinions on the clinical effectiveness of medical massage and its incorporation into a successful family practice.

In this issue, we introduce a new section to our Journal, which we have titled Opinion Page. The first article “Massage Therapy vs., Manual Therapy” is contributed by Boris Prilutsky, LMT, from Los Angeles, California. We think that the article raises an important topic for professional discussion. We would love to hear your opinions on this subject.

In the Medical Massage Section of the Journal, we continue with the article, “The Role of Medical Massage in the Clinical Management of Chronic Headache.” Part III is dedicated to the evaluation of secondary symptoms associated with Chronic Headache that are located in the scalp and around the eye.

The Case of the Month is contributed by Ani Papazyan, LMT from Los Angeles, California. Her article on “Medical Massage vs. Postural Imbalance After Radical Mastectomy” illustrates the complexity of somatic abnormalities a practitioner may experience in his or her practice and the sometimes simple solution the massage therapy may offer to these patients.

In our Good Apples/Bad Apples section of JMS the readers may find a lot helpful and useful information presented in the form of reviews of articles published in major national massage publications between August-October 2012.

Dr. Ross Turchaninov,

Editor in Chief

Category: Letter From The Editor