Dear friends and colleagues,

Welcome to Issue #2 of the 2014 Journal of Massage Science. We are confident you will find it a helpful resource.

Our Person of the Month is Curt Lezanic, LMT, who has a successful medical massage practice in San Antonio, Texas. He shares expertise, practical information on how to start and grow a medical massage practice, how to work with referring physicians and what exciting professional opportunities medical massage offers for practitioners.

As part of our ongoing efforts to broaden the education of massage therapists, we have created a Facebook page for the Journal of Massage Science. We will regularly highlight past articles and issues that bear great importance on your practice but may have been missed.

In the Medical Massage Section, we have published an educational article,“The Importance of Critical Thinking and Clinical Reasoning for the Massage Practitioner” by S. Ryason, LMT, MMP. Mr. Ryason is a successful medical massage practitioner, a member of the JMS Editorial Board and was selected Person of the Month for the first issue of JMS in Jan/Feb 2009.

In this issue we offer a link to the Radio Interview Dr. Ross Turchaninov, Editor in Chief of JMS, gave to the “Speaking of Health” program hosted by Dr. Michael Kudlas. The topic of conversation was medical massage and its role in modern medicine. We think you will find it illuminating.

Our Case of the Month contributor is Daniel Lopes, CMT. His article,“Medical Massage vs. Silent Killer” clearly illustrates the simplicity and clinical effectiveness that medical massage offers for practitioners when its application is based on medical science.

As usual, in our Good Apples/Bad Apples section you will find many helpful tips in our reviews of articles published in four major, national massage publications: Massage & Bodywork Magazine, Massage Today, Massage Magazine, and Massage Therapy Journal.

Dr. Ross Turchaninov,
Editor in Chief

Category: Letter From The Editor