Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Welcome to the Issue #1, 2015 of JMS. We start this year with some changes in the structure of the journal. Here is what you find in the new issue of JMS:

Thanks for voting! We now have the Winner of Case of The Month contest for 2014.

The Person of the Month for this issue is Holley Eubank, CMT who became the winner of Case of the Month Contest. Her interview will show readers where medical massage can takes them and opens new professional possibilities.

We also determined the Winner for our Appreciation Award for the Best Massage Therapy Publication in the USA.

In this issue we started new section of JMS called News from the Clinic. We see JMS as a place where therapists may find scientifically based theoretical but even more important practical information they may apply immediately in massage room. For this reason we decided to share with you interesting cases we encountered in our Phoenix and Los Angeles clinics. We hope that you will enjoy this addition and use it in your practice.

In the Science of Medical Massage section of JMS, we published two articles:

In this issue we present two parts article ‘Manual Lymph Drainage As A Supportive Therapy In The Management Of Ascites. A Guide For Hospice And Palliative Care Therapists‘ written by John F. Mramor, MA, LMT, NCTMB, CR, RM.

The first part discusses the nature of ascites as medical problem and tools modern medicine uses to fight with this complex pathological condition.

The second article is the third and installment of our article ‘How Massage Heals The Body: Clinical Application Of Gate Control And Neuromatrix Theories Of Pain‘ written by Dr. Ross Turchaninov. In two previous issues of JMS #3 and #4 in 2014 we discussed clinical value of Gate Control Theory and Neuromatrix Theories of Pain. The topic of this final part is interactive clinical application of both theories within one session when the therapist tries to efficiently control patient’s pain analyzing system.

The contribution to Case of the Month section of JMS came from Shea Shulman, LMT from Florida. Her submission illustrated clinical effectiveness of Periostal Massage as a clinical tool to eliminate chronic elbow pain.

As usual you will find a lot of useful information and professional guidance in our Good Apples/Bad Apples section of JMS.

Also, there is a schedule of our Medical Massage seminars for 2015. Please refer to it if you’ve decided to expand your practice into the field of Medical Massage. You will find all the necessary theoretical and clinical information on the subject of Medical Massage and its clinical application. This year we are starting to offer 3-day classes since many of you expressed an interest in more extensive hands on training in Medical Massage.

Dr. Ross Turchaninov, Editor in Chief

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