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News from the Clinic: Swollen Ankle Joints and Feet Pain

Recently I got a call from a dad of a tenth grade student. His son intensively plays baseball. His father told me that his son had developed pain in the arches on both feet. We talked at length about his son
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News from the Clinic: Mystery Foot Numbness

Recently a 45 year old patient came to our clinic. A year ago he had a total left knee replacement. The pain in the knee affected by osteoarthritis was gone but the active ROM was restricted. PT was able
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News from the Clinic: Herniation

Report from the Los Angeles clinic: “The orthopedic surgeon was wrong twice”                                         This story begins 15 years ago. One day I received a call from a man
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News from the Clinic: Displaced Pain

A few months ago a mother brought in her 11 year old daughter who had a sore great toe. Since her daughter was in gymnastics, the great toe pain was having an effect on her performance. It was obvious that
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News from the Clinic: Tetraplegia

In our clinic we frequently work with patients who’ve suffered from incorrectly applied massage therapy. Two days ago we had a very disturbing case – a 35 year old male with tetraplegia (partial paralys
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News from the Clinic: Essential Tremor

A few months ago we worked with a patient who had very unusual symptoms. She is a woman in her early 50s who almost a year ago was diagnosed with Essential Tremor of the upper neck just below the occipi
Journal of Massage Science 2015 #2
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News from the Clinic: Back Pain

by Curt Lezanic Yesterday, I had a new patient who got my name from one of my regular patients. She came into the clinic complaining about low back pain and loaded for bear, complete with recent X-rays and an
Issue #1 2015
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News from the Clinic Issue #1 2015

We had an unusual case for the medical massage application. The patient had a severe case of left side Trigeminal Nerve Neuralgia for almost 5 months due to the nerve compression by the arterial loop inside the
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Announcing the New Science of Massage Institute Website

We are excited to announce the new Science of Massage Institute website. While the look has been updated, all of the valuable information and video library is still here!
Journal of Massage Science 2014 #2
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As part of our ongoing efforts to broaden the education of massage therapists, we have created a Facebook page (found at for the Journal of Massage Science. We